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We are a specialist Hessle office cleaning company with a personalised approach. Our professionally trained & hand-selected cleaners keep your office clean & looking great.

If you would like to schedule our hassle free commercial office cleaning solution, then all you have to do is call us & tell us how regularly you would want your workplace cleaned. Daily, weekly or bi-weekly? We will send one of our experienced cleaners to your workplace & they will see to it that your office space is always clean & fresh!

Reliable Commercial And Office Cleaners

Our company prioritise reaching & keeping up the highest levels of cleanliness throughout your work environment ensuring a clean & fresh premises for both guests & employees. Our aim is to ensure that all of our customers have a well-maintained working environment. This permits you to concentrate on your own core business & not have to worry the cleanliness of your premises.

Office Cleaning Solutions Customised For Every Client’s Requirements

A good first impression is essential inside an office building and deciding on the perfect Hessle contract cleaning company when it comes to your office is paramount. A safe, clean and hygienic workspace creates a welcoming, professional ambience that has the ability to have a substantial effect on your personnel, serving to help to greatly improve morale, boost productivity, ensure well being & reduce illness levels.

Each one of our office cleaning solutions are customised to every client’s individual requirements no matter if you are a small office or a multi-site retail store.

Every one of our office cleaning employees are trained to work with the most up to date equipment & substances, understand the most recent maintenance & cleaning procedures & operate within the current Health & Safety standards.

Here are the areas that our corporate office cleaning solution concentrates on & the many tasks that your office cleaner will attend to:

  • Vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping
  • Kitchen cleaning, doing the dishes
  • Bathroom & toilet cleaning
  • Interior glass cleaning (reachable areas)
  • Office equipment cleaning

Other Office Cleaning Services We Provide For Your Office

Apart from our regular office cleaning, we provide a number of additional support services that you could find beneficial for your workplace. So call us if you need:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you want specialist carpet cleaning tell us. Our staff will vacuum the carpeting at your workplace & it will usually look and feel at its best however, the service does not include steam treatment by default. All of our professional cleaners work with modern equipment & techniques to get the best looks for your rugs & carpets.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our staff are able to also help you with the cleanness of the windows at your business, both on the outside & the inside. Our staff work with a water-fed pole window cleaning device which enables them to extend to as high as the 4th storey of a building.