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As a specialist Ravensthorpe office cleaning company with a personal approach. Our professionally trained and hand selected cleaners help keep your office space clean and looking great.

If you would like to organise our hassle free office cleaning solution, then all you have to do is to phone us and let us know how often you would need your office cleaned. Daily, weekly or bi-weekly? We will send one of our professional cleaners to your office and they will ensure that your office is always clean and fresh!

Professional Office And Commercial Cleaning

Our staff work on attaining and retaining the highest standards of cleanliness within your work environment ensuring a clean and fresh facilities for both employees and visitors. Our aim is to make sure that all of our clients enjoy a clean workplace. That makes it possible for you to work on your own core business and not have to worry the cleanliness of your premises.

Commercial Cleaning Services Tailored For Every Client’s Needs

First impressions are imperative in an office facility and picking the right Ravensthorpe contract cleaning company when it comes to your business office is paramount. A hygienic, safe and clean environment establishes a professional, welcoming atmosphere that can have a tremendous impact on your personnel, serving to help to improve morale, boost productivity, insure well being and lower sickness levels.

Each of our commercial cleaning solutions are customised to each client’s individual needs whether you are a small business or a multi-site retail company.

Each one of our commercial cleaning employees are qualified to work with the latest machines and products, understand the most recent maintenance and cleaning techniques and work within the current Health & Safety guidelines.

Below are the areas that our corporate office cleaning solution focuses on and the numerous duties that your office cleaner will take care of:

  • Vacuum cleaning, mopping, dusting
  • Doing the dishes, and cleaning the kitchen area
  • Toilet and bathroom cleaning
  • Inside glass cleaning (within reach areas)
  • Office equipment cleaning

Additional Commercial Cleaning Services Our Company Offers For Your Office Space

Apart from regular office cleaning, we’ve got a couple of additional support services that you may find beneficial for your office. So phone us if you are in need of:

Office Carpet Cleaning

If you are in need of commercial carpet cleaning let us know. We can hoover the carpet at your office and it will normally look and feel at its best but the service does not offer high-end steam treatment by default. All our specialist cleaners use modern equipment and solutions to get the very best looks for your rugs and carpets.

Office Window Cleaning

We are able to also help you with the cleanliness of the windows at your office space, both on the outside and the inside. We work with the water-fed pole window cleaning system which enables them to reach as high as the fourth storey of your premises.